Gumroad - Photobash - Brutalism Housing Blocks

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Gumroad - Photobash - Brutalism Housing Blocks
Gumroad - Photobash - Brutalism Housing Blocks

Breathtaking symbols of huge socialist housing to provide for the people of the nation. Once thought as Futuristic and utilitarian to ugly and a waste of space. Brutalism has seen a rise in popularity in recent times and is depicted in movies and games, mostly as a decadent place to stay or as dictatorial monuments all the way to overpopulated cities of the dark futures of Cyberpunk.

I have made this pack so that you too can design your very own Brutalist utopia/dystopia.

The pack has over 700 pictures for you to use.

If you are just an admirer of the Brutalist movement this pack is great for wallpapers or having a closer look at the way of life in the Blocks.

Mostly buildings and surrounding areas of Socialist built Brutalist structures. This pack is mainly oriented to Concept artists, Matte painters and artists in general for reference and photobashing.

The images were taken with a Fuji XT-10 with a combo of 35mm 1.4 and 18-55mm 2.8-4.

The files are processed jpg from Fuji Raw files.

  • Date: 11-01-2019, 13:35
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