Blender 101 - Blender311: Game Character Retopology

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Blender 101 - Blender311: Game Character Retopology
Blender 101 - Blender311: Game Character Retopology
Duration 1h 47m MP4

In this course we will use Blender's Grease Pencil and BSurfaces tools to create a low resolution version of our high-resolution sculpt from the Blender301 course. And we will use the edge-flow ideas from that course as well, while we draw the low-poly topology with the Grease Pencil. We will finish the course by baking a Normal Map from the hi-res sculpt to the low-poly mesh and importing it into the Unity game engine. We will then test the texture map on our character in-game.

10 videos, 1hr 47mins

01. Blender's Retopology Tools
02. Retopologizing the Head
03. Working on the Shoulder Armor
04. Creating the Legs
05. Retopology of the Arm
06. Working on the Back
07. Creating the Glove
08. Retopologizing the Fingers
09. Finishing the Fingers
10. Finishing the Character Retopology

  • Date: 24-05-2017, 14:41
  • Category: Tutorials

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