Bootstrap Real-time Project in Just 3 hr - From Scratch

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Bootstrap Real-time Project in Just 3 hr - From Scratch
Created by Harsha Vardhan | Video: h264, 1280x720 | Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch | Duration: 02:51 H/M | Lec: 36 | 1.45 GB | Language: English

This course definitely takes you to next level to understand the practical usage of Bootstrap 4, to quickly create sample real-time projects with all amenities like grid system, tables, alerts, popovers, charts, icons, list groups, media elements, forms, validations etc.

Create amazing web application UI
Learn skills to quickly use Bootstrap
Understand Bootstrap 4 CSS classes and plugins
Create Dashboard in Real-time Project with Charts
Bootstrap 3 knowledge is not required
Having basic knowledge of HTML and CSS

The first part of each video contains summary / overview of Bootstrap CSS classes used in the project.
The second part of the video contains practical hands-on to create the target output quickly and easily.
Each video of the course makes a progress in the sample project of the course.
You need not have any prior knowledge of Bootstrap 3 or earlier, as this course provides complete knowledge of Bootstrap from scratch.
This course mainly targets beginner and intermediate level of knowledge on Bootstrap 4 with practical usage on sample projects.
Beginners of Bootstrap & wants to quickly create sample projects / templates in Bootstrap 4




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