Smart Shooter 4.14 (x64)

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Smart Shooter 4.14 (x64)
File Size: 26 MB

Smart Shooter 4 allows you to fully control your camera from your PC, giving you freedom to explore and expent to help take the perfect picture.

Automatic and display means you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real live view output will help you focus and compose the scene. Scripting language lets you control your camera, allowing you to take multiple photos with Full control of camera settings

- Photo and display on you computer

- Real zooming/panning photo display

- Live View display including overlay mode

- Live View recording of each frame to JPEG file

- Bulb shooting with d exposure

- JPEG and RAW file formats

- Connect and control multiple cameras

- Automatic control via scripting

- Tethered shooting with automatic and preview

Live View Display with Overlay

If you camera supports Live View, then Smart Shooter 4 can display the Live View image in real on the PC. You can also change the transparency of the Live View image so it is displayed as an overlay over the last taken photo.

Live View Recording

Each frame of the Live View output can be saved to a JPEG file on the PC.

Real Zooming and Panning

Smart Shooter 4 can automatically and display the last taken photo. The photo display software uses GPU hardware acceleration, so you can immediately check the photo by zooming and panning in real on you PC using the mouse.

Tethered shooting with automatic preview

You can continue to use you camera manually whilst is is connected to the computer. Each you take a photo, Smart Shooter 4 will it and display it on the screen.

Automatic Control via Scripting

Smart Shooter 4 can be driven from a script, giving you the ability to change camera settings and control when photos are taken. This allows you to take a series of different photos without manual operation of the camera or PC.




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