Listen N Write Multilingual

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Listen N Write Multilingual
File size: 2.0 MB

Listen N Write can be used to play and transcribe ordinary WAV or MP3 recordings.

Listen N Write has special features simplifying the transcription work as you can control via keys (while using its integrated word processor) and insert markers (bookmarks). Moreover, the audio stream is automatically rewinded a few seconds when pressing the Stop key. Listen N Write can be considered the standard program for any transcription because of its semplicity of use and small size. Listen N Write is a simple tool that will help you to listen and transcribe recorded lectures and interviews, convenient, fast and easy.The program allows you to listen to any media file, audio and video, with a difference from the common player.

It comes equipped with convenient buttons that let you move back and forth a few seconds and a built-in text editor.

Listen N Write is especially designed for students who record lectures for professionals such as journalists, the nature of their work, are often forced to continue exhausting and transcripts of interviews can also be used by all those who attend refresher courses or conferences.

Arabic (Akhras)

Brazilian (Igor Rückert)

Dutch (A&A)

English (A&A)

Français (Christian Lefèvre)

German (Hmb)

Hungarian (Attila Kósa)

Italiano (Marcello Pietrelli)

Russian (Анатолий Стреж)

Spanish (Asecreto and A&A)

Svenska (Leif Larsson)




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