ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 WiN x64

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ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 WiN x64
ArKaos GrandVJ XT 2.5 WiN x64

GrandVJ XT - XTend your creativity!
GrandVJ XT is an "extended" version of GrandVJ 2 which adds expert features such as the Video Mapper extension, allowing projection mapping and advanced management of multiple displays.

GrandVJ XT 2.5 - New Key Features
Spout output both in Instant and VideoMapper modes.
The DMX Merger in the LEDMapper with GrandVJ XT.
Support for complex DMX fixtures like moving heads.
Improved Art-Poll based node discovery in the LEDMapper.
Auto-unicast for easier and optimized Art-Net network setup.
Support for Draft Devices in the Kling-Net Mapper to prepare shows offline.
All applications running in 64 bits.

  • Date: 14-06-2018, 05:02
  • Category: Graphics

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