App Tamer 2.2

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App Tamer 2.2

App Tamer 2.2 | MacOSX | 6 MB

When working at the computer very often you can find a large number of open programs, half of which you no longer need. In this situation, only one way out - to close unnecessary applications and free up system resources. But with the App Tamer, you will have another solution to this problem!
App Tamer - is a small utility that lives in your system tray and monitors the processes occurring in the depths of your operating system. Strictly speaking, the application can only monitor CPU load. App Tamer have no access to information on the state of memory. However, as it turned out, on the CPU data is enough to "unload" the load on the processor and speed up the work on the computer, when it becomes necessary.

When you run the utility builds all the processes in a hierarchical order. The App Tamer running applications sorted by the degree of CPU load. Additionally, App Tamer and is capable of tracking the state of the background processes, including systemic.
App Tamer allows you to suspend almost any system process and absolutely any application. As a result, the processor is released, and processing power becomes available to other applications. Programs and system processes that have been stopped and restarted easily. It is only necessary to apply to a stopped application again and it will immediately become active.
App Tamer has a convenient manager application that allows real-time watch how much of the CPU, you could save money by suspending unnecessary programs. You can also activate the Autostop option for each program separately, which will automatically stop the application that you minimize removing the Dock or the system tray.

In the setting of App Tamer can set the parameters that you need to update information about CPU utilization, application startup configuration and a number of others.

With the help of App Tamer, you can easily monitor and control the loading of its processor and redistribute it if need be.

What's New in Version 2.2:
Compatible with macOS 10.12 Sierra.
Improved App Tamer's efficiency when managing lots of processes.
Made App Tamer much more intelligent about stopping and starting helper processes such as Safari Web Content, Safari - Networking, Google Chrome Helper, etc.
Made contextual menus (when clicking on processes in App Tamer) behave consistently.
Fixed problems with text not fitting correctly when running on French systems.

OS - MacOSX 10.7 or Later

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